Help for the hurting inside.

If you are seeking a spiritual connection or spiritual support and cannot find what you are looking for, let me help you. Together we will break down the walls that are keeping you lost inside.

lost inside

This site is designed to tell you about the services that I offer.  I give spiritual support and direction through personal visits, calls via Skype, and house blessings. I also offer prayer support that is personally designed to meet your needs via e-mail.  Group and individual sessions  can be scheduled for treatment centers, sober living facilities and senior citizen centers.

  • Personal visits to hospitals, hospices, group homes and to the homebound are offered on a love offering basis. 
  • Individual spiritual direction calls through Skype that help you establish and further a relationship with a God of your understanding are $75/hour.
  • Daily prayers sent to your e-mail are personalized to meet your needs based on your three largest areas of concern. Throughout the month I will work with you to address the most current and challenging needs. Subscriptions are for monthly services $30/month. 
  • Please visit the contact page so that I can answer any questions that you have, send me your request and for payment options.