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‚ÄčHelp for the hurting inside.

lost inside

Lost Inside Ministry was created to provide "Help for the Hurting Inside" by providing insights and wisdom to align listeners with the core beliefs found in New Thought teaching. As we focus on the truth that our thoughts create our reality we re-frame our daily experiences to bring us to a state of being happy, centered, trusting and filled with hope. God lives inside us, outside us and there is nowhere we can go where we cannot feel God's presence when we learn how to plug into our Creator. 

I provide individual counseling via Zoom or Skype to help people who are experiencing challenges by helping to question the belief systems that are holding them back. I work with tools such as affirmations and denials as well as meditation and journaling. I also provide nurturing support to those who are having challenging medical issues, and have worked extensively with cancer patients and survivors. I visit homebound individuals and those who are in nursing homes (currently through Zoom or the phone) and I support their journey as they make peace with the needed lifestyle adjustments.

Lost Inside Ministry YouTube station features spiritual teachings in recordings of talks I have done in the past as well as recordings of my weekly service where we focus on how thoughts create reality.

"Sunday Afternoons with Rev. Lucretia" beginning on June 14, 2020. 

I provide scriptural references, quotes from major New Thought teachers as well as hero stories and discoveries from the world of science to confirm that who we are is based on what we focus our attention on. I seek to provide spiritual nourishment to allow us to be perfect manifestations of God's love.